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Available via Camiba Art Gallery. 2020 Insight: CAMIBAart Artists' Perspectives on 2020, opening November 28.

Underground Landscape; What I See When I Close My Eyes
Underground Landscape; What I See When I Close My Eyes
oil on wood panel
24 x 24"

For a long time I have been concerned about what goes on beneath the earth’s surface. I’ve trusted that it was important work, at least as important as what goes on on top of the earth’s surface. I am alarmed at the earth’s exploitation and ruination at the hands of humans. I have explored the earth’s underground in previous paintings but this is one of the first in which I portray mycelia. Mycelia communicate underground; they connect different plants, and especially trees; they form huge networks underground, mutually benefitting all the organisms they connect. During this pandemic I have felt buried, and underground, in my own way. This isolation has brought me strangely closer to the earth, in an almost spiritual connection. There is caring and communication all around us but we have to be receptive and giving in new ways. I am still learning.